Why Do You Need Us?

Let’s assume you have made the decision to look for a house or apartment in Marbella.  Where do you begin and what will you need to do?

1. Would you prefer not to have to deal with real estate agents?

Marbella has literally thousands of real estate agents, from the big well-known names to small boutiques and individuals.   How do you go about choosing one?   Not all will speak English, and most definitely won’t speak Czech or Russian.  Do you want to spend your holiday or visit to Marbella hunting around for a good agent?  Working with us means that you avoid the need to work directly with an agent, as we will do that for you.

2. How do you find the best properties?

Most properties for sale in Marbella are listed on one central website which presently offers more than 40,000 different houses and apartments.  Even if you know exactly what you are looking for, you may have to spend endless hours looking at properties that are completely unsuitable.  Based on a questionnaire that we will send you, we will go and see everything that sounds as if it could meet your requirements and prepare a shortlist just for you.  That way, you can turn up and see just a handful of properties, and hopefully the biggest thing you will need to worry about is which one to choose!

3. How do you manage the sales process if you are not even there?

  • Lawyers

Once you have found a property that you would like to buy, you will need to appoint a lawyer.   Marbella has thousands of lawyers and some are good (or OK), whilst some are not.   Mistakes are often made and there is very little recourse to the law if your own lawyer gets it wrong.  Do you want to spend your weeks during the completion process, worrying whether your lawyer will get it right?  We work with several lawyers in Marbella, and our own partner, Jan Grozdanovic, will oversee all legal work on behalf of our clients and ensure that it is completely risk free.


  • Surveyors

How will you appoint and manage a surveyor or architect if you are not on the ground to organise it.  Your real estate agent will offer to help, but it is not in their interest for the surveyor to find anything wrong as they want a sale…. we will choose the most suitable surveyor for the chosen property, will attend the survey, and will discuss any specific concerns that you have to ensure that you have no nasty surprises once you move in.


  • Inventory

Properties in Marbella are often sold with all or some of the contents included.  How will you check what is and isn’t included, and make sure that it is exactly as it should be on the date of completion, if you are not there?  We will prepare a complete inventory of everything that is being left as well as removed (photos, videos, whatever is most appropriate) and will be there to check that everything is as it should be before completion is finalised.

Our work doesn’t stop once you have chosen the property and the legal and other processes are underway.   You may want an architect to take a look if you plan some reconstruction, perhaps you would like advice from an interior designer, or you might want to change suppliers (for example upgrade the WIFI, change security services, etc); whatever it is, we can bring in whatever is needed in order to ensure that the house or apartment that you are buying is exactly as you want it once you are ready to move in.